What we do

We provide a very professional, effective and structured process for chasing in your overdue invoices. No matter what sector of business you are in we can act as your virtual credit control manager/team. No desk required, no recruitment costs – no need to manage staff, holiday pay, sickness, workplace pensions etc. 

The process is completely flexible, we can tailor our approach to fit your process, be it chasing by email / call / letter or a mixture of all 3. We can also tailor how hard or gentle you wish us to push a customer. Our focus is to work with you to achieve BETTER CASHFLOW for your business. You simply pass to us the invoices each month that are overdue, and we work through an agreed process. 

We can act under your own branding appearing as your very own Credit Control manager (working from a satellite office). Alternatively we can operate under separate branding as an outsourced function – as this often has more impact. 

The great thing is your customers will always pay you directly – no waiting for payments to clear and be passed on to you. Should a customer not pay at the end of our agreed process we also can provide a ZERO COST debt recovery service, where the debtor pays for the recovery instead of you. This can also be used for any invoices of any value that you may have written off recently.

Who can we help ?

If you are in business and provide goods or services on credit terms to other businesses – WE CAN HELP!

We are based in the North West, but your business can be based anywhere in the UK. No business is too small. Always rushing around? Not a problem we can help! There are no tie-ins, contracts, or exclusivity. Simply pass us what you want when you want. We only work on the invoices you pass to us. The good payers continue to pay you as normal

How much does it cost ?

You’d be surprised – it’s really not as expensive as you would think. We have a small charge based on the volume of work you pass each month. This is worked out based on the process we agree. The great news is by the time you get our invoice – you will already have banked many times that in your own payments.


Remember, A sale is not a sale  - until it has been paid for!


How much is it costing you to fund all your late paying customers businesses?

No commitments

No borrowing, or factoring

YOUR money – just sooner!


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